NIOS DElEd 513 WBA | Workshop Based Activities PDF Format Download for 2nd Year

NIOS DElEd 513 WBA (Workshop Based Activities) is also an important thing you need to do. There is some practical work need to be done by all the candidate who enrolls themselves for 2 years Diploma Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.) Course under NIOS. After Successfully Preparing NIOS DElEd Assignment Answer, all practical works are also important and you need to be done under (PCP) Personal Contract Programme. The NIOS DElEd workshop II (Second Year) involve 4 Credits carrying 100 marks. If you are looking for NIOS D.El.Ed 513 WBA (Workshop Based Activities) details then you are at right place. Here in this article, I am going to discuss information related to Workshop Based Activities PDF format, How to Create dled 513 WBA etc. Scroll down for more info


These Time Learners have got very less time for Preparation and submission of their Workshop activities. Preparation of Second year Deled Assignments and WBA 513 Solved Report is to be submitted at study centers.

NIOS DElEd 513 WBA (Workshop Based Activities) 2nd Year

The workshop provides a basic introduction to techniques and tips for facilitation, useful for training in different aspects of teaching and learning. In the workshop, you get the opportunity to have face-to-face interaction with the resource persons, peer groups and others. It will also provide a platform for you to exchanging your views, raising issues, discussing themes, problems etc., relating to your function as a teacher. The workshop will be organized at the study center. The duration of the workshop will be of 12 days every year. The schedule for the workshop has been drawn providing the scope for flexibility as per the local needs.

One of the purposes of this workshop is to help you to acquire and practice skills, particularly those related to teaching and management in the classroom under the supervision of Resource Persons. In the proposed workshops, such activities are included which require active participation and involvement on your part and are considered essential for enhancing your effectiveness as teachers. (Source)

NIOS DElEd Workshop Based Activities 2nd Year

The Study Centre coordinator will conduct the workshop as workshop coordinator as per the schedule was drawn by the NIOS. Necessary details with regard to the conduct of the workshop have been provided in this schedule. All the activities related to the workshop will be conducted in three stages (Pre-workshop, During Workshop, Post workshop), with the objectives to develop various course based skills.

Mark Distribution for 2nd Year WBA

The NIOS DElEd workshop II (Second Year) involve 4 Credits carrying 100 marks. It carries weight as under


DElEd WBA Schedule of a Day

DElEd WBA Schedule of a Day

Download NIOS DElEd 513 WBA Format

Download Format of Lesson Observation, Lesson Note/ Diary Format has given below. You also visit NIOS Official PDF File here to Download All other Formats.

NIOS DElEd 513 WBA Lesson Observation Format

DElEd WBA 513 Lesson Note/ Diary Format

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