NIOS DElEd Lesson Plan Cover Page Download Hindi PDF

NIOS DElEd Lesson Plan Cover Page PDF: NIOS Deled has aimed to trained in-service teacher for effective learning in the Elementary level school. That’s why NIOS has asked to do some practice work like Prepare Assignment, SBA, WBA and now They are asked all Untrained teachers of Nios to Prepare Proper Lesson Plan. So, If you are looking for DElEd Lesson Plan Hindi PDF, Lesson Plan Preparing Guide & D.El.Ed Lesson Plan Cover Page then you are at right place. Scroll down for more info

NIOS DElEd Lesson Plan Cover Page

NIOS DElEd Lesson Plan Hindi PDF

A Lesson plan is a guide which helps execute a mission that is to be accomplished in the classroom with the children. A Lesson plan also can be defined as a creative process which provides a framework for purposeful learning.  Here in this article, We will discuss NIOS DElEd Lesson Plan.

NIOS DElEdLesson Plan
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What is a Lesson Plan?

A lesson plan is that steps or technics which should be implemented by a teacher during the teaching hour in the classroom. To become a teacher one must know how to teach properly. So if you are a teacher and make a lesson plan, it will surely help you and your students in the teaching-learning process. There are some steps which should be followed by making a lesson plan. So let’s discuss the steps one by one.

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How to Make Lesson Plans?

A classroom has two important elements – teacher and student. Both are at the receiving end of knowledge acquisition in the sense that both acquire and enhance knowledge together and both are always in the process of learning Another element that is improved in the classroom are  Textbook, Lesson, Examination, experience the children get and expecting of the parents etc. It is most important to keep those plan in mind when you prepare for a plan. Lesson Plan maintains both rigorous and flexibility firmness to improve to ensure that teaching objects are met and flexibility is important to ensure the real difficulties met while teaching.

NIOS DElEd Lesson Plan Cover Page Download

If you are looking to download NIOS D.El.Ed Lesson Plan PDF file in Hindi then you are at place. Here in this article, I am going to share Cover Page or Front Page for DElEd Lesson Plan. Visit here to Download. Source.

Main points of a lesson plan:-

General objectives.
Teaching Aids.

1] Class Timing – The Teacher must first know how many teaching days and teaching hour he is getting in this week and in the year of complete the course. The length and duration that you are getting per lesson will help you achieve your teaching objectives very well.

2] Class Size and Age group of Children –

3] Title of the Chapter –

4] Prior Knowledge – It’s is important to check the Prior Knowledge of the children because of the issue of Prior Knowledge must relate to how you plan to proceed further with the plan toward completing of your teaching objects and learning objects.

5] Common Objective / General Objective – This is the overall objects that you want to achieve through the lesson.

6] Specific Objective – The objects relate to day wise plan as it is aim to explain what happens in class in a particular day / Period.

7] Method / Process – The Method / Process is about the line of progression in the class about chapter keeping the general as well as specific objects in mind.

8] Self Evaluation –

9] Suggestion / Remark

NIOS DElEd Lesson Plan

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